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Since you are interested to know about us, we’re glad to see you here as well, seriously. We are a small startup focusing on developing essential WordPress themes for others. We spend a great part of our everyday time on design ideas, new elements and trendy items to make sure that the items you will own in MajesticTheme can be really classified as premium WordPress themes. However, we offer freebies and some other great WordPress themes for free.

Our goal is to give you ultimate flexibility on your site design using our themes. We will really appreciate your comments and love (or anger, too) in this unforgettable journey. Thank you


Our theme developers are familiar with recent trend and code smell. We try to make each of our themes developer friendly, easy to customize and they comes with great documentations.


We understand that it’s impossible to satisfy everyone with stock WordPress themes. Everyone loves a bit of personalization, but worried to spend a lot. We are here to help you with customizations.


MajesticTheme team tries to minimize the dependency on third party plugins as much as possible in our themes. We are also working on some great plugins that will make your WordPress life a lot easier. Stay tuned.


We are expert in WordPress hosting, and want to spread our hand to help you about this. If you are struggling with hosting your heavy-traffic WordPress sites, or simply want your site to load much faster. we are here to help you.


You can purchase our single theme as well as can be subscribe to get access all of our themes. Try it now

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