PROZINE is an ideal Newspaper and Magazine Theme

I bought this theme for only $49, and I can gladly say that it was worth the investment. I have a WordPress blog, and I usually write about daily news. I wanted to turn it into an online newspaper, and that’s why I went for PROZINE. There is much I can do with this theme, and I will tell you about some of them. The rest you will find out for yourself if you ever try it.

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VELIT is the best portfolio and photography theme

I have had a long journey searching for the best theme for my portfolio and photography. It has not been easy. Every theme on the internet claims to be the best but after you install it, you immediately un-install because it doesn’t deliver to your expectations. My friend recommended VELIT, and I decided to try it. I bought it for only $49, and I can gladly say that I got value for my money.

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How to make the best website for a small business or personal blog

Do you know that you might be losing 50 potential customers because of lack of a website for your business? You do not have a reason for not having a website for your small business. It is no longer expensive and complicated. Our guide is going to give you important steps on how you can have your website or personal blog within a short time.

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Top 10 best onepage Free wordpress theme for all time

One page WordPress themes are created for smaller sites that don’t truly give a really profusion of knowledge, or simply don’t have to be compelled to weight the user with uncalled-for content. The one page themes are easy to handle, simple, easier to arrange, mobile-friendly and might be higher for SEO now and then.

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Create a beautiful portfolio with Folio theme

Creating Beautiful Portfolios in WordPress

Portfolios are an essential part of your site, if you are one of those creative persons who work on client projects, art, music, photography or may be on authoring books. Using a portfolio, you can showcase your works to your end users. Having a good looking portfolio is quite important because this is where you will market yourself, and you will find your potential future clients. So you need to make sure that this showcase looks great, takes minimal time to load and it doesn’t confuse your clients by obscure navigations. Navigation plays a very important role in these portfolios because it is like driving your audience to the exact place you’d like to.

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Welcome to MajesticTheme

Majestic Theme

By now, I am sure that you’re wondering about “YAWPTC”. What? What is that? Ever heard of it before? No? Alright, Let me make it simple for you. YAWPTC stands for “Yet Another WordPress Theme Club”. There are already many WPTCs around, so why another one? The answer is short and simple, “look and usability”. In MajesticTheme, we think that we can deliver some good looking themes with great usability to you at a price that you can not refuse. Ok, said enough, let’s have some insiders look in MajesticTheme and to our roadmap.

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