CORPORIS – Best Business and Corporate WordPress theme

Did you know WordPress is loved with most business across the world? I have had m experience with WordPress, and I can tell you for free that WordPress is the real deal when it comes to blogging. I have used it for more than 5 years, but the only thing that was giving me challenges was to get the best corporate theme for my business.

The most available themes for WordPress are mostly for entertainment, fashion, and news. Getting the best corporate WordPress theme was pretty hard for me until I discovered CORPORIS.

CORPORIS offers five homepage variations that help to understand its scope and what you can do with it. It gives you the chance to get creative and get the most you can. The demos gave me a perfect fit for my business, and I can say now that my blog stands out from the crowd.

It relieves you from the stress of spending a lot of time to design a great blog for your business. CORPORIS comes with numerous features, but I will only talk about the ones that I really like.

Responsive Layout

Anyone who has experience in corporate blogging will agree with me that a responsive layout is an important feature for browsers and devices. CORPORIS gave my website a professional look. It makes my contents display properly on different screen resolutions. The previous themes I was looking would give a completely different look on different devices, and this made users feel misplaced.

The King composer is just the king

I have never used a better WordPress page builder plug-in before. The king composer is extremely powerful and lightweight, and this allows me to use all the available features of King Composer. Now I have great freedom when it comes to designing my site.

Plenty of portfolio options

I like to present my contents in different grids so that my clients can easily see what my business is up to. Some themes don’t allow you customize the photos and space the photos the way you want. Thanks to CORPORIS. Now I can be able to customize the number of columns and arrange my photos and videos in a user-friendly way.

The admin panel is elegant

I must visit my admin panel on a daily basis in order to customize numerous things on my website. CORPORIS has an amazing admin panel stocked with many customizable options. Any user can also contact them if they need something added to the admin panel.

Availability of multiple pages

CORPORIS offers good-looking, and well-crafted pages and I don’t spend much time setting up the essential pages like the contact us, about us, services, frequently asked questions and many other pages. It is easy to keep the components in order, and this makes my pages look professional in no time.


I would recommend CORPORIS to anyone looking for a corporate WordPress theme. In overall, I give it a five-star rating.

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