Create a beautiful portfolio with Folio theme

Creating Beautiful Portfolios in WordPress

Portfolios are an essential part of your site, if you are one of those creative persons who work on client projects, art, music, photography or may be on authoring books. Using a portfolio, you can showcase your works to your end users. Having a good looking portfolio is quite important because this is where you will market yourself, and you will find your potential future clients. So you need to make sure that this showcase looks great, takes minimal time to load and it doesn’t confuse your clients by obscure navigations. Navigation plays a very important role in these portfolios because it is like driving your audience to the exact place you’d like to.

However, setting up a portfolio on barebone WordPress with stock themes will not give you the greatest loooking portfolios, to be honest. You need a theme that includes the necessary mechanism for this. There are a lot of themes available in the market, many of them are free and many of them comes for a price but they give you some extra functionalities and features which you may not find elsewhere.

In this article, we will be guiding you through this process of creating a good portfolio, and the details of the portfolio items. We will be using a theme called “Folio” for this. This is a lightweight theme, designed keeping the minimalism in mind. If you like clean, clutterless look, Folio could be a great addition to your WordPress themes collection. You can purchase it straight from [MajesticTheme]( You can either purchase a single theme, or you can purchase a yearly subscription which is a pure value for money, because not only you are getting access to all their themes but you will also get one new theme per month as long as your subscription remains current.


Installing Folio is simple and similar to any other WordPress themes out there. All you have to is extract/keep the theme files in wp-content/themes folder and you are good to go. To activate this theme and required plugins, you need to go to the appearance section in WordPress admin panel. As soon you activate this theme, you will be prompet to install the required plugins.

Activate Folio

Plugins Installation

Plugins Activation

Folio offers an extensive set of options to customize the look-n-feel. You can access these options from the “Folio Settings” in your WordPress admin panel. Let’s change the site logo from there

Logo Change

Create portfolio projects

Since the theme is now installed, it’s time to create some projects that we will be showing in our portfolio. Lets head over to the “Portfolios” section in your WordPress admin panel. From here, similar to the posts panel, you can manage your portfolios. Let’s create one by hitting the “Add New” menu.

While the title and description boxes in the edit page is self explanatory, the featured image will represent your project in a prtfolio. This image will be the starting point for your project. So make sure that you upload a good one.

Now it’s time to create the gallery of images. You can find this section where you can access your gallery right below the desciption area.


Clicking on “Add New Image” will allow you to upload the images, and you can edit their captions.

Adding Images

Before hitting the publish button, make sure that your title and descriptions are ready. And don’t forget to add the featured image, too.

Folio allows you to set some project details on each portfolio item. For that, click on the “Additional Info” and it will open up a settings screen like this. Fill it up accordingly and you are good to go. Placing a button is optional, and only fill it’s label and url if you want to display it.

Preview Portfolio

Let’s set up a few more projects like this.

Displaying the portfolios

Now that the portfolio projects have been added, let’s display these projects on a page. Create a new page, and set it’s page template to “Folio Portolio”

Page Template

Folio portfolio page has lots of customizable options that you can access from the portfolio settings sections, which is right below description area. There are two distinct section, one for page headers and the other for portfolios. From page header section you can display how to display the title and content on the page. You can set the alignment, buttons and a lot more.

Page Header Section

But we’re more interested in the other pare, which allows us to customize the look-n-feel of the portfolio.

Portfolio Settings

A few important settings to notice here, for example

* Filters
* Portfolio Type
* Columns
* Display Load More Button

Though most of these are self explanatory, I’d like to focus on the “Filters”. This is an important thing in every portfolio to show contents in a grouped style. So how can you add **filters on items**?

While creating a portfolio, please notice that there is a small box called “Portfolio Tags” on the right side, which looks like this

Portfolio Tags

Now this is where you will add tags per portfolio items. These tags will display on the top of a filter once the “Filters” are enabled from above.

Portfolio items

Setting up these things on a portfolio should be easy for every theme users, as Folio offers here.

Before ending this article, I’d like to talk a few lines on “Portfolio Type” and “Display Load More Button”. By default, Folio displays all portfolios in a portfolio page, while allowing you to be picky and make a customized collection. For that, select **Selective** on the **Portfolio Settings**. You will see a settings option like below


As soon as you start typing here, or click, it will show you all your portfolios where you can choose from. And even reorder them once they are selected. Pretty neat!

So what about this load more button? Please notice that you can select how many portfolio you want to show (in case of all/latest). By default Folio shows 9 items per page and a load more button which loads 9 items consecutively per click. So you can change that number, and if you have less than 9 portfolios, you can turn off displaying that load more button.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Can’t wait to see your portfolio made with Folio¬†portfolio WordPress theme. And shoot your portfolio link in the comment section to share with others. Till then, adios.

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