Frozen is the best theme for WordPress bloggers who write articles

As a WordPress blogger, I like my content to be read by many people and be appreciated. Sometimes good content is not always appreciated because of the way it is presented to the audience. FROZEN is a theme that complements my high-quality articles. It has given me a great experience, and there is no way I will stop using it soon. In fact, I encourage other bloggers to adopt this theme because it is great in the following ways.

Comes with custom widget

I have never used a theme like this before. The theme comes with widgets that improve the look of the sidebar. It enables me to display advertisements, recent blog posts, information about my blog and social media icons. The theme I was using before did not have the social media icons. My readers had to copy the link of the post to share it on social media. This theme has doubled my traffic because I get a lot of social media shares with this theme. The theme has the major social media icons including twitter, linked in, Facebook and Google plus. You can pick the social media platforms you want to be linked to your blog as well.

Grid, list and tiles view

Frozen provides a great way to present contents in different grids. There are several grid types you can choose from. I use the modern tiles view because it looks great on my blog, but you can also choose the traditional list view or the professional grid view. Just choose what works best for you.

Box view and full-width view

FROZEN provides you with the boxed view or the full-width view for the details page of the blog. I customized mine to make it look great, and you can also customize yours depending on your content.


I noticed the feature of language translation. Personally, I use the default English language on my blog but in case you want to present your blog in a different language such as French then you can use the translation feature, and the theme is fully compatible with plug-ins such as WPML that enables you to translate the language.

A great experience

My experience with FROZEN has been great, and I believe that it is the best choice for anyone who is looking for an easy to use and cute way to customize the WordPress theme. It has given my blog a professional look, and nowadays I get more comments on my blog posts. They also have excellent support.

In overall

In overall, FROZEN provides users with value for their money. I bought it for only $49, and up to now, I am not complaining. The overall experience is excellent, and I would recommend it for bloggers who write articles. Buying the theme is very easy, and it is also very easy to customize your blog with the theme. This is the best theme I have ever used.


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