Opus is the best page parallax theme for WordPress

Since I discovered Opus, I have been able to showcase my business perfectly. The theme has great building blocks loaded with professional landing pages and enables me to convey my message to my audience. The theme is nicely documented. It enabled me to build my site quickly without a lot of efforts. The theme is compatible with most of the browsers I use.

Multiple columns

The Opus theme makes my grid perfect as it enables me to customize it with a number of columns. I normally design my grids with flexible columns using the Opus admin panel.


Readability is the most important aspect of any blog. People create blogs so that clients can read posts from the blogs. What is a blog if it is not readable? My blog gets thousands of traffic daily, and since I Installed Opus, I have never heard of anyone complaining about difficulties to read my blog posts.

Wide angle customization

I can customize my blog from a wide range of angles with Opus. I like to present my projects and works in a professional way, and this theme helps me achieve that.

The theme comes with an intuitive ordering system that enables me to build blocks one-page site. I can easily reorder the sections by just dragging and dropping them from the admin panel. I can even remove some sections as I wish. This is very easy, and in fact, I enjoy doing it.

The theme has 26 building blocks that are well designed. I can reuse the building blocks as I want and I can re-order them and design the site in whatever way I want. Opus is the best deal I have ever got.

User experience

When it comes to the overall user experience, Opus got me covered. I have tried loading my blog with various devices and what I can say is that this theme got me covered. It loads fast, and contrast is good. I don’t like blogs that appear to be dull with dull colors. I am sure most people hate the dull sites too, and that is why this theme is suitable for my clients and me.

Tabbed banner

The tabbed banner in this theme is beautiful, and it displays related information that is grouped by tabs. My readers can now get related blog posts on my site without using a lot of energy. The tabs look great, and they are very responsive. They also make sure that your site is interlinked and not broken somewhere.

The overall experience

The overall experience with this theme is excellent. It is easy to customize, it is SEO friendly, It is clean and neat, and it is affordable. Purchasing it is very easy. The theme is also reliable. Since I started using it, it has never failed me even in a single day. Some themes break down and give users a bad experience. If you are looking for a reliable theme then I recommend Opus.

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