PROZINE is an ideal Newspaper and Magazine Theme

I bought this theme for only $49, and I can gladly say that it was worth the investment. I have a WordPress blog, and I usually write about daily news. I wanted to turn it into an online newspaper, and that’s why I went for PROZINE. There is much I can do with this theme, and I will tell you about some of them. The rest you will find out for yourself if you ever try it.

The layout

I understand that I have numerous visitors to my site. Some of them are new visitors, and others have subscribed to my blog posts. I have always looked for a way to satisfy all my visitors. PROZINE has helped me in so many ways. My contents can be displayed properly on different screen resolutions. I have used themes that don’t display well on mobile devices before and I lost a lot of traffic. A new visitor won’t spend more than 3 seconds on your site if the site doesn’t display content well. It is up to you to try and have your content in order.

PROZINE has helped me create a vast user base

My blog comprises of news and entertainment articles. Before I discovered PROZINE, I used to mix my content in that both the news and entertainment articles were in the same category. Nowadays, things are pretty good for me with PROZINE. I can separate my content and keep the entertainment articles on a different entity and news article on a different entity.

Visitors to my blog have a very great experience because those looking for news can come directly on the news segment and those looking for entertainment can go directly to the entertainment part. This is awesome, and readers waste less time looking for their content of interest.

Different header styles

This is my favorite part. I like to create my brand on the internet, and that is why I have designed a good logo for my blog. At the same time, it is important to make money from my work. For this reason, I had to customize my blog. Veteran bloggers understand that sometimes customization of blogs can lead to negative effects to the user-friendliness of the site. Some users get irritated with adverts and blog your blog for good. This is the part PROZINE becomes handy for me. I can place my adverts where my visitors will be less affected and at the same time display my logo to sell up my brand.

I have the ultimate control

There are some things that hinder you from fully customizing your site. For instance, you will find themes that come with a fixed color for the navbar, and you cannot change the color. PROZINE gives me full control over my site. I have changed the colors of my site to resemble that on my logo. The color looks nice on my blog. I have chosen Google fonts for heading text and body text to make my content readable.

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