Refund Policy

MajesticTheme wants it’s customers to be happy and satisfied with every purchase. However, we do understand that sometimes things can go wrong beyond fixes and every customer deserves the right to ask for a refund. While we’re happy to deal with refund requests, there are a few things you would like to know before raising support tickets for a refund.

When you can ask for a refund

– Item doesn’t work as described and advertised
– Item doesn’t work on mentioned platform with mentioned tools
– Item has security issues that was not addressed after raising support tickets
– No support was provided according to our support policy
– Item was purchased but never downloaded
– Item was purchased and support team was not able to solve your VALID support issue

Customers will not be eligible for refunds, given that

– Customer wants a refund just because he/she has changed his mind
– No support ticket was raised for the technical issues for what the refund is being claimed
– A refund was claimed just because the customer thinks “this item will work this way or that way – but it doesn’t
– Customer wants extra features and enhancements which was never advertised
– Customer wants this item to work on incompatible hardware or with incompatible software
– A refund request is raised after 30 days following the download of this item
– The refund is claimed when the item was purchased from a different paypal/credit-card account than the purchasing customer
– The refund request was raised for invalid technical issues