VELIT is the best portfolio and photography theme

I have had a long journey searching for the best theme for my portfolio and photography. It has not been easy. Every theme on the internet claims to be the best but after you install it, you immediately un-install because it doesn’t deliver to your expectations. My friend recommended VELIT, and I decided to try it. I bought it for only $49, and I can gladly say that I got value for my money.

I own a photography company, and I like to display some of my work on my blog for potential customers to view. VELIT enables me to display them in style. The theme gives my photos a professional and elegant look. It is easy to customize as well. Below are some of the features I value most on VELIT theme.

Clean and minimalist design

VELIT provides full-screen sliders and grids which can be customized to enable images to look amazing. It gives me a choice to have the number of photos I want on one page. I like to arrange photos depending on their type and size. With this theme, I can put many smaller photos on one page such as passports and lesser larger photos on another page. This enhances the quality of my work.

The grid factory

VELIT allows me to present my photos in different grids. I can customize the filters, spacing, or masonry views, boxed or full width. I can also customize the number of columns easily.

There are two major grid types to present my photos. I can either choose the plain grid or the masonry grid. The plain grid enables me to specify the number of columns while the masonry grid helps me to present photos that are of different sizes. There are some themes I have used before which degraded the look and feel of photos of different sizes.

Full-screen slider

I can customize further the appearance of my photos on my blog by using the full-screen slider where users can slide from small to large screens. Customizing the slider is very easy as I just do it from the admin panel.

I can gladly say that I have boosted my business with VELIT theme. I have gained more customers, and the business is booming. Most people who visit my site convert to customers. Everyone wants to be featured on my blog because the appearance is elegant and attractive.

I have contacted the makers of this theme, and the experience was nice. They took less time to respond, and they assisted me promptly with my inquiry. The theme does not slow down the loading of the pages, and this encourages users to view as many photos as they can. VELIT theme is compatible with all devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This is what I ever wanted for my blog, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a theme for portfolio and photography. I give it a five-star rating

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