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By now, I am sure that you’re wondering about “YAWPTC”. What? What is that? Ever heard of it before? No? Alright, Let me make it simple for you. YAWPTC stands for “Yet Another WordPress Theme Club”. There are already many WPTCs around, so why another one? The answer is short and simple, “look and usability”. In MajesticTheme, we think that we can deliver some good looking themes with great usability to you at a price that you can not refuse. Ok, said enough, let’s have some insiders look in MajesticTheme and to our roadmap.

We started MajesticTheme to deliver some great looking themes at an affordable price which will make people happy. Some of our themes are multi-purpose, and some of these are targeted for a specific category like authors, photographers, musicians, film makers. We have several themes in our pipeline which will focus on e-commerce stores and you will love those. We have a team of great designers and developers to make sure you get something trendy, easy to use and something that doesn’t break quite often.

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In MajesticTheme, we are currently focusing on the following categories

  • Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • Newspaper and magazine
  • Business, corporations and agencies
  • Niche themes with page builders
  • Authors
  • One page themes
  • E-commerce themes based on Woocommerce & EDD (Easy Digital Download)

Many of our themes come with the support of king composer, a great page builder plugin that is easy to use and easyto extend. Our themes comes with a great collection of shortcodes and designing sites with our themes + king composer is pure fun!

So at this point you might be wondering what will you get from us. The answer is simple, some “Essential WordPress Themes”, lol. But to be more specific, let me highlight that our themes are cool, well coded, well organized and they work great.

There are two ways to collect our themes. First, you can purchase each and every themes individually. This is helpful if you are working on a specific site or for a specific client and you’re sure that one particular theme will get the job done, this is the best option. However, if you are like the rest of us who focus on saving a few bucks here and there, I will suggest you to go for our yearly subscription plans. These plans, not only come at a great price but also offer new themes every month. And don’t forget about the support because that is crucial! If you are subscribed to any of our plans, you will be guranteed to receive one new theme every month, and guess what, it comes for free! So as long as your subscription plan remains current, you will continue to receive one new theme. That is sweet, right?

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We recently ran a promitional offer for black friday and cyber monday which is valid for a few more days. In this offer, you can purchase everything, remember everything at a flat 50% discount. So hurry up and grab one before it’s too late.

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