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What you need to know about premium blog themes

Premium blog themes offer a lot of benefits compared to their free counterparts and you will have many reasons to look for a premium theme. Premium themes are built by professional developers and they offer unparalleled support, overall higher quality product and upgraded features that you cannot get for free. You can be able to stand out from your competitors within your niche if you go for premium themes.

Where to find premium blog themes

There are two different places you can get premium blog themes

Theme vendors

Vendors are small teams or individuals who you can buy a theme from. You can stick to the WordPress directory of commercial themes when you are buying from a vendor.

Theme Marketplaces

These are online stores where theme developers pay a commission on each sale to the marketplace in exchange for elevated exposure. The themes in the larger marketplaces do not go through a strict testing process but the marketplace does a good job to enable the highest quality themes to be at the top through a rating system. Premium blog themes that are of low quality won’t get good ratings and if the theme doesn’t live up to its promises, it can’t hide anywhere.

Where not to buy premium blog themes

You can buy themes from any of the above places but there are a few places where we discourage you from buying themes. There are sites that look reputable and offer free downloads of themes you may have been looking for. However, before you click on download, you should remember that the themes may have malicious codes built in. The spammy site will only upload a cracked version of the theme and give it to you for free and prey on those who download it.

A low-quality theme can raise a few other concerns apart from being hacked. For instance, people always forget about the spelling of WordPress. This may be a very little thing but theme developers who spell WordPress wrong by using “p” in the lower case are either careless or are not active developers within the community. If a premium blog theme doesn’t seem too good to be true or if a theme is trying to do too much then chances are that it is not going to be good at what it is doing. You should find a theme that does exactly what you want and nothing more. Such good themes can be found on sites like

Understanding the theme rating system

Theme rating system is not as perfect as people think and should not be used as the only method of making a decision on which theme to use. If a theme has numerous four-star reviews and five-star reviews, you can assume that it is a high-quality theme. Perhaps it may not be right for you but it is right for many other users. A theme may have dozens of two-star reviews or one-star reviews but you should check it out and find out what it offers.