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Is a free WordPress theme suitable for you?

One of the most important decisions we have to make when we want to set up a WordPress blog is the theme to choose. Should you choose a WordPress free theme download or should you go for the premium one.
Your theme is part of your visual brand and it is what people come to know you as online. Your WordPress free theme download can either hinder or help your ability to build an audience. You can confuse your audience with a bad theme as it will slow your blog load time down and even have malware. It can also hurt your SEO.
Every blog is unique and there is no one size that fits all themes. A photography blog is not going to need the same theme as a magazine blog.

Get a theme that suits your needs

Many people trash WordPress free theme download because they think free things are of substandard quality. We have some free WordPress themes that are better than the premium ones. The biggest challenge is how to find the one that is suitable for you. Let us look at different types of blogs you might be having.

Personal Blog

This type of blog is one that you write your personal things. It might be a feature of your interest or a journal. People don’t use personal blogs to make money or a living. You just have the hobby of writing. WordPress free theme downloads can do well for such blogs.

Portfolio blog

This type of blogs showcases the work you do. Galleries play an important role in your blog. You might be a photographer, designer, an artist or agency. You can use both free and premium themes for such blogs. Just choose the one that suits your needs.

Marketing blog

Marketing blogs are meant to market products, services or a platform for its audience. A marketing blog will need things like mailing lists, landing pages, calls to action and many more. SEO and other techniques that will help you grow a large audience are very important. Such types of blogs can have a premium theme but if you are a web developer yourself, you can use WordPress free theme download because you will be able to customize it on your own.

Magazine blog

A magazine blog is one that is all about information or news. It might be about long-form content, politics or news. Content on such blogs is the main deal. The blog will have some ads to support it and it needs a robust theme to help readers to navigate the amount of content on the site. Such types of blogs do well with high-quality premium themes.

Story blog

This blog type is not very old like the others we have discussed earlier. They are, however, becoming more popular with plug-in and themes that are devoted to the art of telling stories. Such blogs should have map elements, catchy visuals, and reader interaction.