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How to choose the best magazine themes

If there is one thing we can learn from economists is that being faced with several options can result to “analysis paralysis”: a feeling of being overwhelmed due to the significant effort required and high level of uncertainty. There are hundreds if not thousands of magazine WordPress themes to choose from, and therefore, it becomes quite a difficult task to choose the best. Most of the times, people end up choosing a low-quality theme because they do not know exactly what they need.
In this post, I will share with you some crucial factors to consider while choosing the best magazine themes. Just the same way it is effortless to buy a bottle of wine when you are aware of your preferred taste, so will it be easier for you next time you will be hunting for a perfect magazine theme, by following these simple guidelines.

Design and User Experience

Essentially, the primary objective of a theme is to make your magazine look appealing as well as to display your brand as much as possible. Although the design is mostly subjective, you can narrow down your search by paying attention to the following steps.
The first step is to search on different websites such as that host best designers for magazine themes. Although it sounds quite obvious, it is a crucial point worth mentioning. Other websites you can look into are the StudioPress or ElegantThemes.
After identifying a website, the next thing is to surf through the magazine theme demos. Consider the available white space, if the themes are easily understandable, and whether they are exciting. Let your instinct be the best judge in this case.
Lastly, select a theme that was designed with accessibility in mind and is compatible with the subject of your magazine.

Ease Customization

In addition to examining the design of the theme, consider the possibility of adjusting the theme to suit the aim of your magazine. It the designer can offer you a demo of their magazine WordPress theme, I strongly recommend that you try to alter it a little bit to ensure that you can customize it to suit everything you require in your magazine.


With an online magazine, it is very crucial to ensure that the theme you chose does not interfere with the speed of loading the page. Fast page-loading speed does not only improve user experience but also have been shown to improve page ranking. Therefore, you should avoid sluggish themes as much as possible. So, how will you identify a sluggish theme?
Be aware of themes that are equipped with too many features like over 10 different sliders and a lot of Javascript animation. Although these features might be impressive, they slow down your magazine website. Also, avoid magazine WordPress themes that incorporates full-width images, background videos, among others. In addition, take note of the length of coding. I strongly recommend that you avoid magazine themes that require hundreds of HTTP request before loading theme content.


Although choosing the best magazine, WordPress theme can be an overwhelming task, knowing what to look for can make the process less tiresome. All of the factors mentioned above narrow down to one thing; quality of a theme. It is true that no theme is perfect, but with the recommendations in this post, you will most likely end up choosing the best magazine WordPress theme that suits you.