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Do you Need the Best Photography Theme for WordPress? Here is What You Should Know

I must enlighten all photographers out there and any other person who wishes to create a WordPress photography website. First, you have to be smart in order to appear outstanding in this competitive industry. If you are not well informed, even with beautiful themes, you’ll still miss the mark. Most website visitors would like to see a site that is perfectly organized with beautiful pictures, and good navigational capabilities. A good site should be able to attract viewers, as well as keep them around for precisely long. So, what’s the real deal here?

Landing page

Display one image at a time. Many themes are designed to show portfolios with numerous images. But if you intend to curate your photography and make quick purchases, presenting one image at a time is the most adorable way to go. You can put additional information on the theme, by adding an icon on the top right corner. The icon should be friendly – presents information with a single click. You can also include other interesting effects.
If your intention is to put several pictures on your landing page, consider including a lens feature to improve the appearance. Most photographers capture the attention of their prospective buyers with powerful and clear photography. Remember to showcase the most appealing pictures on your landing page.

Moving from one image to another

Always ensure that customers are able to navigate through the theme without any difficulties. To make it stunning, avail most of the images in your album below the large (displayed) image, and allow users to see how they are moving through the album. It impresses to know the type of image you want to see, even before navigating towards it officially.

Safeguard your Images

Professional photographers need to protect their images. Some content access needs to be restricted to specifically authorized personnel with the required passwords.

Essential theme Features

It is not easy to create a beautiful site and have it fitted with the best theme. The photographer must be acquainted with several theme features to get the job done accordingly. These features include;

  • An appealing landing page containing your best work
  • A portfolio showing purchase options
  • Contact information
  • Protection to your images
  • Advanced eCommerce plugin compatibility
  • Well organized media and light-boxing features.
  • A side menu to facilitate easy navigation
  • The site should be optimized for many device uses including mobile phones.

Go for the best web hosting companies

The idea is usually ignored by most photographers, yet it is essential and critical. Get more information about how the hosting companies operate and select the one that would rightfully suit your site activities. As you understand, photography websites are always full of items and heavy images. Improper or insufficient hosting can only mess things around. With a perfectly managed hosting, everything is under control, and photographers can concentrate on putting additional pictures. Your hosting should offer quality services that guarantee maximum speed while delivering your static data, including your site imagery.