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How to create a portfolio site on WordPress

Lacking a professional portfolio can negatively impact the types of clients you attract on your site. Creating a good portfolio site is not a complicated task as many would think. Currently there are too many portfolio themes WordPress you can select from. Creating a portfolio site on WordPress with portfolio themes WordPress is a piece of cake as you are going to see.

Choose a good WordPress host

Before choosing a WordPress host, here are a few things you need to consider.

  • Scalability- the host you select should be able to handle demanding sites if you want to pursue new projects in future.
  • Security- a good host should guarantee security
  • Support- a good host should have a reliable team for support if anything goes wrong.
  • Reputation- choose a host that has a proven track record.

Install WordPress

After signing up with your provider, you will access to a private cPanel for your hosting plan. This may include one click option for installing WordPress.

Find the right portfolio themes WordPress

This step open ended than the rest of this guide. The simple reason is that we cannot pick for you a portfolio theme and plug-ins. There are many themes for portfolio that you can choose from. There are both free and premium themes. All you need to do is to look for the theme that works for your particular purpose and start using it.

Build a header

Now that you have portfolio themes WordPress installed and working, it is time to create your portfolio page. The header will be the first component. This is a simple full width image that has a clear message and a call for action for clients who visit your site. You can go to “appearance” and go to “customize” and customize your header.

Build a project gallery

This is the heart and the soul of any portfolio site on WordPress. The gallery is a collective display of the latest projects that you have done. You can have links to each entry. Some themes may include a custom post type called a portfolio that will make it easy for you to add new projects from the dashboard.

Build an about me section

Now we have made a great headway into our portfolio, but we still need to polish things out. We can do this by providing visitors with some insight into who we are and what we do. An about us section is important to let your new clients and potential clients know what they would like to know about you.

Build a contact form

Now that we have set up everything, we will need to give our potential clients a way they can reach us. We need a section with our contacts so that they may ask questions, clarification and talk to us about business. Some themes enable us to install plug-ins for contact us section while other themes include this section.
There are many other things you can add on your site to make it interactive. What we have discussed is just the most important parts that you shouldn’t miss.