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Comparison between free and premium WordPress theme

Some people find it difficult when it comes to choosing between premium WordPress themes and free WordPress themes. Both themes have advantages and disadvantages and in this article, we will discuss both and make it easier for you to choose which theme to go for.

Advantages of free WordPress themes

The biggest benefit you get from free WordPress theme is the cost. It lowers the barrier to entry of starting a blog because it is free. Someone may wonder why you would be given a free theme when other people are selling themes. Free themes are not low quality as many people think.

Strict review process

Free WordPress themes go through a strict theme review process, and there are many talented people who examine and test the themes before they are included in the directory.

And why are the themes free?

There are lots of benefits that come from sharing and giving. Theme developers sharpen their skills because, during the review process, the review team audits their code and suggest improvements. This gives developers a chance to make their theme available to a large user base where users can give feedback and suggest improvements.

Cons of free WordPress themes

Sometimes the disadvantages of a theme can be very subjective because what may appear to be a disadvantage to one person may be an advantage to another but here are the main disadvantages of free themes

  • Limited features and functionality
  • Not so unique
  • No obligation
  • Limited support options

Pros of a premium WordPress theme

Premium themes are available for purchase from numerous third-party WordPress theme shops such as

More features and customizing options

This is the biggest advantage of a premium theme. There is a lot of competition in the premium theme industry and theme shops are always trying to come up with more features at lower costs.
Customers are able to get themes that contain options such as drag and drop builders, multiple layouts and templates, short codes and unlimited color choices.

Support and updates

Premium WordPress updates themes have regular updates because the theme makers are making money and not doing it for free. As they are promised to keep the theme updated they will continue it to keep the theme up to date. Suppose some time wordpress and some plugin change their versions regularly. For that reason the theme could be broken and some time it might be out of order. In that case the theme need to be updated. Free theme developers are not promised to or bound to update their theme. but Premium theme builders are promised to update their theme. So it is very safe to buy premium themes. On the other hand free themes don’t have any support. As the support is a part of their product the premium wordpress theme builders are bound to provide you any kind of support for the bug or any other issues.

More unique

There is a cost associated with premium themes and this makes them less frequently used by people as compared to free themes. You can personalize your theme by using the customization options.

Cons of premium WordPress themes

Not all premium themes are perfect and here are some issues associated with some of them.

  • Poor code- you can only get poor coding if you don’t choose well. There are some premium themes that look pretty but have poor coding standards that could make it incompatible with some plug-ins. This is because the themes don’t go through a strict review process.
  • Too many features- theme developers can add too many features to a theme that may be unnecessary. Some of the features will never be used.
    Premium WordPress themes are the best but you have to choose well.